BSOD 0x0000007B after installing Hyper-V Integration Services on Windows 2003 Server

Storage Driver of the ICs require the Windows Driver Framework (WDF), which was not loaded in this case. So the Storage Driver fails to load. Looking into the Registry of the VM, shows that the WDF Driver was already installed previously, but had the wrong Group relationship, so it is initialized too late…

  • Press F8 during boot, and go into LastKnownGood
  • Open the Registry and goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Wdf01000
  • Change ‘Group’ key from ‘base…’ to WdfLoadGroup
  • Remove the Integration Components
  • After reboot the VM, install the Integration Components repeat

Exchange 2010 role error on install: 2960 and 1603

Update Rollup 2 be up to the top of the others (higher versions) to remove it.

When put on properly in that role, then of course you can install the rest of Update Rollup.

Trivia: in case you would have created a virtual directory by hand (ews, autodiscovery, etc), then the role must be removed before install.

New ROM to MID WM8650 Android tablet

(developer info) This version is based on v9.1.2, but here’s what else it’s got :

– Honeybee boot animation
Honeycomb-ish onscreen keyboard (folder in /LocalDisk if you want Froyo keyboard back)
– My newest build.prop edit
– Cleaned up init.rc, with MORE system setting tweaks injected into it!
– Tidied up the rc0.d folder
– Scripts which make a swapfile on first boot, and then use it at every boot
– General housekeeping within the android2.2-froyo.tgz
– Market 3.1.6 (if you want Market 2.3.6, remove from /FirmwareInstall/packages/fs_patch/root_patch/system/app/ before flashing)
– Some apps included by default (Aldiko, RealCalc, QuickOffice, GMail)
– An ‘Apps’ folder in LocalDisk, containing NESoid (with 6 ROMs!*) and other apps for manual install
– LOADS of notification sounds

Download and other info:

Uberoid v9.1.2XL

Superfetch, prefetch off (SSD use)

SSD thread if needed (highly recommended: D), disable the Prefetch and Superfetch:

Use the good old regedit:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ⇒ SYSTEM ⇒ CurrentControlSet ⇒ Control ⇒ Session Manager ⇒ Memory Management ⇒ PrefetchParameters

EnableSuperfetch = 0
EnablePrefetcher = 0