3G modem dongle make compatible for MID devices

Problem: Some of Huawei and ZTE modems are not compatible with WM8650 tablets.

Solutions: The solution is very simple, but clear: You must disable the flash drive dongle part.

This is most easily done by AT commands:

For Huawei modems:

Disable: at^u2diag=256 or at^u2diag=0
Enable: at^u2diag=255

For ZTE modems:

Disable: AT+ZCDRUN=8
Enable: AT+ZCDRUN=9

The easiest way to AT commands on a PC you can issue the modem, you can use HyperTerminal or similar terminal program.

Thanks for the idea of ​​the XDA community.

Superfetch, prefetch off (SSD use)

SSD thread if needed (highly recommended: D), disable the Prefetch and Superfetch:

Use the good old regedit:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ⇒ SYSTEM ⇒ CurrentControlSet ⇒ Control ⇒ Session Manager ⇒ Memory Management ⇒ PrefetchParameters

EnableSuperfetch = 0
EnablePrefetcher = 0