Lync 2010: misconfig error, EWS and MAPI config not found (but Lync client connected)

The Autodiscover service in Exchange system is not set correctly.
Set correctly, according to the system.

If you do not necessarily need the service (elsewhere), a DNS entry is sufficient:
A SRV record to EWS Exchange szerver (port 443):

_autodiscover._tcp.yourdomain (


Swap SMTP banner in Exchange 2010 from PowerShell

Replace the internal name to the correct server for designation:

Set-ReceiveConnector "connector" -Banner "220 real_name_of_server"

real_name_of_server : reverse DNS name of mail server (for example: In any case be the top 220, RFC!

Operations Manager 2007 R2 : DNS 2008/R2 Forwarder Availability Alert

Eeither changing it to a NS for or making it an A record for for instance would work. If of course this dns server is allowed to run the external dns resolving queries. If you are not interested in this you can either use an A record and point to internal resource name or turn it off.