IIS: The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly (HTTP Error 500.0)

There’s a fairly good chance you’re missing the correct VC++ runtime for the version of PHP you’re running.

If you’re running PHP 5.5.x you need to ensure the VC++11 runtime is installed:


Make sure you download and install the x86 version (vcredist_x86.exe), PHP on Windows isn’t 64 bit yet.

If you’re running PHP 5.4.x then you need to install the VC++9 runtime:



Server 2008 dns.exe high memory consumption

Under the hood, dns.exe opens more than 5000 UDP ports during start up, 2500 for UDP IPv4, 2500 for UDP IPv6.  Large amount of kernel memory is also allocated for these ports.

Read config:
Dnscmd /Info /SocketPoolSize

Set config (not quite excessive output value of 10):
Dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 10

After change, restart the DNS service.

Exchange 2010 unable to access EMC or EMS

Exchange 2010 Management Console

Initialization failed.

The following error occurred while attempting to connect to the specified Exhange Server ‘name of the server’

The attempt to connect to server using ‘kerberos’ authentication failed:Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The system load quota of 1000 requests per 2 seconds has exceeded. Send future requests at a slower rate or raise the system quota. The next request from this user will not be approved for atleast 324122176 milliseconds. for more information, see the about_remote_troubleshooting Help topic.

try restart IIS (or IISReset command)

Forcing the Remote Desktop option in TS Web Access to use TS Gateway

Step1:  Fix DefaultTSGateway param in IIS Site Application Settings:


Step 2: Change BtnConnect() proc gateway param in Desktops.aspx file (only bold line). Desktops.aspx file found in C:\Windows\Web\RDWeb\Pages\<locale> directory (eg. hu-HU or en-US):

function BtnConnect()
 var RDPstr = "full address:s:" + GetParam("MachineName", true, "") + "\n";
 RDPstr += "authentication level:i:2\n";
 RDPstr += "gatewayhostname:s:" + DefaultTSGateway + "\n";
 RDPstr += "gatewaycredentialssource:i:" + GatewayCredentialsSource + "\n";
 if ((DefaultTSGateway != null) && (DefaultTSGateway.length > 0)) {
 RDPstr += "gatewayusagemethod:i:1\n";
 RDPstr += "gatewayprofileusagemethod:i:1\n";
 else {
 RDPstr += "gatewayusagemethod:i:2\n";
 RDPstr += "gatewayprofileusagemethod:i:0\n";

Step 3:
Restart site.

Done 😉