My Screen Is Upside Down! – Shortcut Keys To Fix

If the display has been rotated, it can normally be corrected by pushing the key combination <Ctrl> + <Alt>+  <Up Arrow>.

This capability to invert/rotate the display is a feature of some of the Intel® Extreme Graphics Chipset driver.

Image rotation is enabled by default and is activated by the default key combination <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <F1>.

Once it is activated, you can rotate the display with the additional “Hot Keys”:

<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Right Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Down Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Left Arrow>
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Up Arrow>

To disable this Hot Key Feature, remove the check from the Enable Hot Keys selection box in the Extended Graphics properties.