Remove Excel 2007+ VBA macro password

  1. Change file extension to ‘.zip’, open it with eg. winrar
  2. Find the file: ‘vbaProject.bin’ (in ‘xl’ folder)
  3. Extract it from archive
  4. Open the file with a hex editor
  5. Find and copy the value from parameter DPB=”282A84CBA1CBA1345FCCB154E20721DE77F7D2378D0EAC90427A22021A46E9CE6F17188A”
  6. Save the ‘vbaProject.bin’ file
  7. Replace existing ‘vbaProject.bin’ file with modified one
  8. Change extention from ‘.zip’ back to ‘.xlsm’
  9. Open the excel file, the password for the VBA code will simply be ‘macro’