Root Lenovo A820, Installing CWM Recovery and ROM

Install Flashtool V3, download here.

Download this pack, unrar.

Run flash_tool.exe

Check ‘DA DL ALL with Check Sum‘.

Click ‘Scatter-loading’ button, and browse txt file from pack.


Click Download, and wait…

After download, and reboot phone, patience, first rebooting very long.


If first boot say: ‘TOOL DL image Fail! uboot is blocking dl info’:

Repeat steps, and don’t forget check DA DL ALL with Check Sum‘…


Server 2008 dns.exe high memory consumption

Under the hood, dns.exe opens more than 5000 UDP ports during start up, 2500 for UDP IPv4, 2500 for UDP IPv6.  Large amount of kernel memory is also allocated for these ports.

Read config:
Dnscmd /Info /SocketPoolSize

Set config (not quite excessive output value of 10):
Dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 10

After change, restart the DNS service.

CentOS: Resetting a forgotten root Password…

Interrupt the boot at the GRUB stage and boot to runlevel 1, AKA single user mode. Interrupt GRUB by typing a character such as “space” then append to the kernel line by typing “a”, backspacing through “rhgb quiet” and appending ” 1<enter>”. This will give you a root shell and not a login prompt. From there you can use the “passwd” command to set a new root password.