T-Mobile connection manager (ZTE modem) reinstall: “An earlier Speedmanager plus/ByteMobile Client installation exists on the system. This version must be uninstalled and OS restarted!”

When reinstalling the software T-Mobile “web’n’walk” :

“An older manager Speed plus / Byte Mobile Client Installation (SDK) was found.  The software must be uninstalled and the computer rebooted.”

Open regedit, search for “ByteMobile”, delete every hit.

Run the setup again, reboot computer…



Enabling HTML Help over a (Local) Network

go RegEdit:
Right-click the MaxAllowedZone (DWORD) value, and then click Modify.

Valid values for MaxAllowedZone

 MaxAllowedZone  Local Machine  Local Intranet  Trusted Sites  Internet  Restricted Sites
 0  Allowed  Blocked  Blocked  Blocked  Blocked
 1  Allowed  Allowed  Blocked  Blocked  Blocked
 2  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Blocked  Blocked
 3  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Blocked
 4  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed  Allowed

Microsoft recommends that you don’t set the value higher than 2:
“If you set the MaxAllowedZone value to 3 or higher, you expose systems to attack from the Internet”.