1. By default, the administrator password is unset; all of the digits are null (00000000). The administrator password must be set from the OCP to protect the administrator functions on the OCP and enable the administrator functions in the RMI.
    Once the password is set on the front panel and you forgot it, you need to ask HP support for a new temporary password.


    1. Give me a quick mail to info@frontierbv.com and I will start the free procedure. Regard.

      Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

      Op 12 feb. 2015 om 18:06 heeft “e3fi389” <comment-reply@wordpress.com> het volgende geschreven:

      luis commented: “hello i am a hp msl 2024 and i not remember the password. i cani do? regards”


    2. In OCP login as service mode used pw 42311324.

      you can actually change the admin password or view the current password.

      i can do a shot video to do this or mail me at roy.herrera@hpe.com.

      btw i am a storage engineer at hpe philippines. 😛


      1. Thanks for the info Roy, do you know how to log in using RJ-11 console to perform firmware upgrade or drive maintenance on the MSL-2024? Or force a FW upgrade without any verification.

        Thanks in advance.

    1. Hint:
      Call MSL support.
      Options 1 – 3 – 1
      Provide to the team the current date and time in the MSL and they can generate a password valid within the hour.


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