Testing localhost, and need more local hostname (or SSL mode)?



Warning, extra information: *.localtest.me the Intranet zone (as distinct from the localhost, which is in the Local Intranet)!

And the best: there is absolutely valid for this domain is not self-signed certificate, which can be downloaded from a private key, so you can say goodbye to the certificate errors!

Thx for György Balássy, and Scott Forsyth’s Blog!

If that’s not enough: try vcap.me and lvh.me domain… 😉

FreePBX (AsteriskNOW distro): new install, etc/asterisk/logger.conf symlink error

On fresh FreePBX install it does not run a migration to take the old logger.conf and move it to the custom files.

Firstly logged via ssh and compared two files:
In my case they were identical.
So I did as following:

rm -rf /etc/asterisk/logger.conf
ln -s /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/etc/logger.conf /etc/asterisk/logger.conf
amportal reload

Thanx to the solution: corymar!