Lync topology publish error: ‘”Found multiple objects with identity ‘blablabla'”…

First let us clarify what the problem is:

Test-CsTopology -Report C:\temp\testtop.html

Let’s see what the problem is, the HTML file is created.

Second, prepare the appropriate AD for a TXT file:

ldifde -f c:\temp\addif.txt -s dc_FQDN -d "CN=RTC Service, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC=contoso, DC=com" -p subtree -v

where: dc_FQDN = a favorite DC server, and of course the title should be corrected as appropriate.

And the point:
Look for duplicate entries. AND, of course, delete! 😉

(If you have recently had problems with Active Directory, locate the ‘ADEL:’ string …
Maybe ‘whenCreated’ and ‘whenChanged’ parameters can also help …)

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