IIS7 and Exchange 2010: Redirecting HTTP OWA to HTTPS URL

Ph 1:

At the top level Default Web Site object:

HTTP redirect on (type req URL), and set to chkbox ‘edirect all request…’ to off, and ‘Only redirect req…’ to on (status code “Found (302)”).

Next step, remove some directory the enforced redirect:

Ph 2:

On the web site (eg Default Web Site), open the SSL Settings properties, and uncheck ‘Require SSL’.

Next step, turn on ‘Require SSL’ this folders:

  • Autodiscover
  • ecp
  • EWS
  • Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
  • OAB
  • owa
  • Rpc

Finally, oc run iisreset command.

Lync topology publish error: ‘”Found multiple objects with identity ‘blablabla'”…

First let us clarify what the problem is:

Test-CsTopology -Report C:\temp\testtop.html

Let’s see what the problem is, the HTML file is created.

Second, prepare the appropriate AD for a TXT file:

ldifde -f c:\temp\addif.txt -s dc_FQDN -d "CN=RTC Service, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC=contoso, DC=com" -p subtree -v

where: dc_FQDN = a favorite DC server, contoso.com and of course the title should be corrected as appropriate.

And the point:
Look for duplicate entries. AND, of course, delete! 😉

(If you have recently had problems with Active Directory, locate the ‘ADEL:’ string …
Maybe ‘whenCreated’ and ‘whenChanged’ parameters can also help …)