Universal Uberoid v10 edit – Uberubertweaked!!

Best ROM on WM8650 Android devices!


– Changed env_uboot files to allow for more RAM usage (12MB more is available)
– Edited some env_uboot files with fixes from the Uberoid community
– Combined init.rc and init.goldfish.rc into just ‘init.rc’
– Edited the hell out of this new init.rc!
– Stripped out some unneeded folders and files
– Combined all default.prop files as one
– Added extra modules
– Edited most of the rc.d scripts for clarity and functionality
– Altered some ppp stuff because it seems to divert to a Chinese server (crafty swines!)
– Rolled the dongle support back a bit towards v6 (many report better results with v6)
– Updated HcH’z phone support package, and trimmed it down a bit
– Added new DHCPCD stuff
– Edited the WMT scripts (mainly poweroff.sh and pm.sh)
– Updated the apns-conf.xml file with the Nexus S one
– Set wifi TX power to 30
– Modified packages to include Total Commander, and removed Opera Mini (sorry HcH, just that I prefer My Browser and wanted to strip it down!)
– Added GScript Lite, and added scripts to control the sound boost manually. (Sound boost is off on each boot, but mic is still boosted)
– Anything else different that you come across!!

Here’s the links for downloading :



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