New ROM to MID WM8650 Android tablet

(developer info) This version is based on v9.1.2, but here’s what else it’s got :

– Honeybee boot animation
Honeycomb-ish onscreen keyboard (folder in /LocalDisk if you want Froyo keyboard back)
– My newest build.prop edit
– Cleaned up init.rc, with MORE system setting tweaks injected into it!
– Tidied up the rc0.d folder
– Scripts which make a swapfile on first boot, and then use it at every boot
– General housekeeping within the android2.2-froyo.tgz
– Market 3.1.6 (if you want Market 2.3.6, remove from /FirmwareInstall/packages/fs_patch/root_patch/system/app/ before flashing)
– Some apps included by default (Aldiko, RealCalc, QuickOffice, GMail)
– An ‘Apps’ folder in LocalDisk, containing NESoid (with 6 ROMs!*) and other apps for manual install
– LOADS of notification sounds

Download and other info:

Uberoid v9.1.2XL

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