Configure Sharepoint 2010 MP in Operations Manager 2007 R2

  • Import the SharePoint MP’s
  • Create an account just for the purpose of monitoring the SharePoint solution (in AD)
  • Now with our new account create with only Domain User rights we can go to the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Site
  • We need to add this account into Ops Mgr RunAs Accounts for the next stage in the configuration of the SharePoint MP. I have given it this display name because it is the default name that Microsoft use in the next phase
  • Move the SharePointMP.config file from “C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center Management Packs\Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products OpsMgr 2007 MP en-us” and move it to “ C:\Program Files\System Center Management Packs”
  • Then we need we need to add our SharePoint detail into the SharePointMP.config file, I left the Association Account the same but under the Machine Name. When you have entered the SharePoint Server Names then close and save the changes.

Problematic part:

In the SharepointMP.Config file:

  <Association Account="SharePoint Discovery/Monitoring Account" Type="Agent">
    <Machine Name="" />

SharePoint Discovery/Monitoring Account ->This is not the account name, but the account’s display name!

A fix for the interoperability issues between Exchange 2007 and 2010 EMC and IE9 is now available

MS11-081: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer: October 11, 2011 needs to be installed. This can be obtained from Windows Update or – if you need to download it for local network installation, the packages can be obtained here. Please note that the packages for client and server OSes might be different, depending on what you need. The installation of this package is REQUIRED for proper operation of the EMC hotfix.

Swap SMTP banner in Exchange 2010 from PowerShell

Replace the internal name to the correct server for designation:

Set-ReceiveConnector "connector" -Banner "220 real_name_of_server"

real_name_of_server : reverse DNS name of mail server (for example: In any case be the top 220, RFC!

Installing Operations Manager 2007 R2 on SQL 2008 R2

Microsoft released a knowledge base article  (KB2425714) with the following steps to perform the installation.

In short:

  • Use the DBCreateWizard tool to install the OperationsManager database
  • Install the first management server
  • Use the DBCreateWizard tool to install the OperationsManagerDW database
  • On the SQL Server Reporting Services server, rename the local group SQLServerReportServerUser$<hostname>$MSSRS10_50.<SQLInstanceName> to SQLServerReportServerUser$<hostname>$MSSRS10.<SQLInstanceName>
  • Install System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Reporting
  • Rename the local group SQLServerReportServerUser$<hostname>$MSSRS10.<SQLInstanceName> back to original name SQLServerReportServerUser$<hostname>$MSSRS10_50.<SQLInstanceName>